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Frequently Asked Questions

First, what is Quipol?

Now that we have that out of the way, these are some other frequently asked questions. I’ve mixed them with frequently given answers. When this list gets more robust, I’ll start categorizing it into topics.

1. How do I change the size of my Quipol?

This will help.

2. How do I add a Quipol to my Tumblr blog posts and Facebook pages?

For Tumblr, watch this video.

For Facebook Pages, check out this post.

3. How do I create a Video Quipol?

I explain that process here.

4. My Quipol is left-aligned. Can I center it?

You bet; just read this post.

5. How do I close my Quipol? On the same note, what does it mean to close a Quipol?

Good questions, champ—get it.

6. How do I edit my Quipol?

Like this!

7. I want to delete my Quipol—that cool?

Sure, I guess.

8. I want to ask, “Which do you like better, this thing or that thing?” But I can’t because Quipol only allows Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down voting!

Not so fast, partner. If Wired can do it, so can you!

9. Can I change the “This Quipol by…” tag at the bottom of my Quipols?

Absolutely, here’s how.

10. What are other people saying about Quipol?

Pretty nice things, and we appreciate it!